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  • 5 Ways to Make Your Garden Summer-Party Ready

    5 Ways to Make Your Garden Summer-Party Ready

    Since summer is near, outdoor parties are entertaining and not that hard to plan. If you have the right venue such as your backyard, terrace, rooftop or any other setting, you have to make it more comfortable, fresh and beautiful.


    Here are five ways on how to set up your backyard for a party:


    1. Give your lawn a makeover

    Take your dogs and kids inside your house, grab a pair of eye protection (goggles) and turn on your lawn mower. Make sure that there aren’t any obstacles—you don’t want an old golf ball fly around and crash through a window.

    Why don’t you try making a more significant change? Get rid of your lawn entirely and scatter wildflower seeds or plant a vegetable to grow and produce on your own. Your guests will surely enjoy the beautiful blossoms throughout the summer.


    2. Install an outdoor lighting

    Having outdoor lights are a must for a party. You can use your outdoor lighting and spiral them to one of your trees or drape the lights from one tree to another. Make sure that your lights are near an electrical source. To ensure that your light stays, screw-in strong, weight-bearing hooks.

    Another fun option is to buy balloons and some small LED lights. Then, turn the LED lights on and insert them into balloons. Once you filled the balloons with enough helium, you can let them float to the top of your outdoor canopy or attach strings to them and let them float freely.


    3. Plant beautiful flowers on pots

    Your front yard or backyard patio can look pretty with blooms that will enhance the feel of your outdoor party arena. The key to success is to fill your pots with lightweight soil mix. This method sustains the growth and health of plants and flowers by providing excellent drainage and aeration.


    4. Think about shelter

    During the summer, the heat can be unbearable. When this happens, outdoor elements like pergolas, awnings and a canopy can be the perfect solution on how to make your backyard party ready.

    You can also provide seating in shady areas, so it is always somewhere for guests to sit back. Choose spots with pretty views out across the garden and use matching slipcovers and coordinating cushions on mismatching chairs. Summer means that you’re outside all the time. So, make sure that you’re prepared for all kinds conditions such as rain.


    5. Set up your grill area

    Most grills can be cleaned with the help of water and soap. But, to clean the grates on your grill, you may want to turn it on for 10-15 minutes. After, allow it cool for a while before scrubbing with a stiff and sturdy wire grill brush.

    To seamlessly make dinner for everyone, you can set up a place next to the grill where you have everything you will need like utensils, containers, seasonings, and food. An excellent tip is minimized what you bring out by premixing your seasonings indoors. This way, you only bring out one container as opposed to multiple ones.


    After preparing or setting up your venue for an upcoming party, hiring a professional house cleaning service is the next step. Hiring professionals beforehand is a practical tip. After your party is done, they can just come the next day and clean up for you. Isn’t it great? You had a fantastic time at your party, and you don’t have to worry about the mess either!

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