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  • 8 Cleaning Tips That’ll Make Your Home Thanksgiving-Ready

    8 Cleaning Tips That’ll Make Your Home Thanksgiving-Ready
    The holidays are almost here, and everyone wants to have fun with their families and friends. However, it’s a little bit different for the host or hostess, and that means you! You may feel stressed because of all the preparation tasks that are involved. Don’t worry, because we’re here to help you get those chores done. Here are our top 8 cleaning and preparation tips to help you get started.
    1. Be realistic and get organized

    Sit down with a pen and paper and list all the things you need to do to prepare for Thanksgiving. Then organize those tasks by priority and time on another sheet of paper.  This will be a helpful guide that you can check as you complete each one. After you make this list, however, you may want to get some help with some of those preparation tasks by hiring a home cleaning service to help you.

    1. Focus on those areas that your guests will be using

    Make it a priority to clean up the areas that your guests will be using.  Of course, that means cleaning the living room, the family room, the kitchen and the dining rooms. Do you have anything out in those rooms that you don’t want to be broken?  If you do, then you need to move those things to another safe area. Straighten up the guest bedroom if you will have overnight guests, and move anything that really should be in it to its proper storage area.

    1. Prepare your refrigerator

    Prepare the refrigerator to allow room for all those Thanksgiving foods that must be stored in it.  If you have a second refrigerator that task is easy, but if you don’t then you may need to remove some of those nonessential items to make extra room for the holiday food.  You should also consider bringing in a cooler to store the drinks instead of using your refrigerator for them.

    1. Start clean with dishes

    If you have special dishes, stemware, glasses, or silverware, this is the time to get it out and cleaned.  If the silverware needs to be polished make sure that is done at least a day ahead of time.  If you have older children, the polishing task is the one that you can pass to them so that they will help you with the preparation tasks.  If you are using delicate china dishes, allow enough time to wash them by hand. Finally, you really should consider setting the table the night before.

    1. Empty your trash, too

    Empty your trash bin if you haven’t already, at least an hour before your guests arrive. This helps to make sure that you don’t pile up on garbage even if you haven’t started your meals. Always, put a few extra bags on the bottom of the can. This will help save time when replacing your trash bags. Don’t forget to segregate your trash and recycle, too!

    1. Remember to sweep, dust, and vacuum

    Make sure to sweep your floor, dust off the tables, and vacuum your carpet in preparation for Thanksgiving.  You could do that the day before or in the early morning hours if you don’t have guests arriving the night before. Don’t worry about any stains until after the holidays, and then call an expert carpet cleaner to help you with that problem.

    1. Declutter and decorate before Thanksgiving Day!

    Long before the holiday kicks in, check the rooms, they will be in and remove anything that really should not be there. If you have children coming, that may mean putting your laptop, movies, and games in another place for safety.

    Decorating is always part of the holiday time, too so take time to get those decorations out of storage and clean them up if they need to be cleaned.  If you are replacing your couch pillows and throws with holiday-themed ones, be sure to wash them before you pack them up, too.

    1. Prepare the bathrooms, too

    Stock up on the essentials days before Thanksgiving. Make sure you have sufficient toilet paper, kleenex and hand washing soap for your guests.  If you have special towels for the season or guest hand towels, put those out too.  For your overnight guests, it is always wise to have extra toothbrushes and toothpaste on hand, in case they have forgotten to pack it.  Make sure to clean your bathroom a few hours or the day before your guests arrive, too.

    Remember, preparation is essential! When making the list of your cleaning priorities, also include a deadline for yourself. Remember to use the checklist, so you keep track timewise for all those preparation tasks.  Even try to take a little time out of your busy schedule to relax.  You will need that extra time to recoup and refresh before starting the next task on your list. You can also start your holiday cleaning spree by hiring professional home cleaners to help you with some of those cleaning tasks!