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  • C.H.I.P.S.

    C.H.IP.S. or Communication. Honesty. Integrity. Professionalism. Superior service.

    We would be nothing without our core values and our clients. To thank you for your continued loyalty, we offer our recurring clients C.H.I.P.S. Tokens of Appreciation.

    The way it works is simple. When you find a C.H.I.P.S. token, you’ll know your Maid in Manhattan team gave you a free oven or refrigerator cleaning. It’s really that simple. No strings attached. It’s our way to say “Thank You!”

    Recurring Cleaning Services

    Keeping a clean place would be easy—if you didn’t have a job, a family and a life! That’s where we come in. Let Maid in Manhattan keep your home or office as clean as you would if you could with recurring cleaning services. Call 646-568-6700 to learn more.

    The Rewards of Recurring Cleaning Services

    1. Get 2 hours back in your life to enjoy.
    2. No fighting over whose turn it is to clean the bathroom.
    3. Travel a lot? Come home to a clean space.
    4. Entertain guests and clients without hesitation.
    5. Clean living means healthier living.
    6. Your property is kept like new.
    Maid in Manhattan
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