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  • Easy Ways to Soundproof Your Home and Rooms

    Easy Ways to Soundproof Your Home and Rooms

    Whether it’s your loud neighbors, buzzing insects or even a snoring roommate, these annoying sounds can make your evening a sleepless one. If you’re having trouble catching some shuteye because of disrupting noises, we’ve gathered a list of smart and practical ways to block out the noise and help you get you some rest.

    Tips on how to block sound between rooms!

    Add rugs and ceiling baffles.

    If you can’t bear to cover your hardwood floors, the next best choice for preventing some of the noise from below is to use rugs. Adding rugs or carpet on your floors or suspended baffles to your ceilings will help keep footsteps or sounds from bouncing.

    They are also an excellent means to tie the decor of a room together, and if you have kids or pets, your downstairs neighbor will undoubtedly appreciate the muffled noise of your pet or over-stimulated child. Go for “high-grade” designs to minimize noise.

    If you’re not a rug person, ceiling baffles also work well.

    Cover thin windows with heavy drapes.

    High-grade curtains work wonders against street noise coming through your thin windows. Use thicker materials between the room and the sound with lined curtains, window dressing made from bulky fabric like velvet, or specialty noise-absorbing drapes.

    Changing your curtains for an alternative made from a heavier material can absorb a surprising amount of noise from the street. This tip on how to soundproof a room for music is revolutionary. To block even more noise, make sure that your curtains also cover the wall below and above the windows.

    Line shared or outside walls with furniture.

    A wooden bookcase against your wall shared with a noisy neighbor can help absorb some of the sound coming through the walls. If the bookshelf or cabinet is home to lots of books, clothes, linens or towels, each of it is a natural insulator against sound.

    Move electronic devices away into a soundproof area.

    As for the other tools that whirr and buzz around the clock, see what can be moved out from common living areas to bring down the noise level. If a full background device from the living room can find a new home in a quiet locker or another place, it will reduce the noise level in the whole apartment for good, saving your ears in the process.

    Use draft guards and door seals.

    The crack below your door may not look like much, but it’s a very likely place for noise to enter from. If you add a door guard, it will help mitigate unwelcomed sounds. They’re also a unique and low-priced way to add a bit of insulation to your home, keeping cold or hot air out, whatever season it is.

    So there you have it, tips on how you can soundproof your house. You can effectively soundproof your home in many ways, ranging from insulating with noise-absorbing materials to merely putting a rug down and rearranging your furniture. You can also hire a professional maid service to help you clean and organize your home to avoid noise and other problems!

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