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  • Eight Morning Exercises to Help You Survive the Big City

    Eight Morning Exercises to Help You Survive the Big City

    When it comes to morning exercise at home, there are some benefits to your body. For instance, morning workouts—before eating breakfast—may help your body burn fat more efficiently throughout the day.

    Start with gentle movements that yield significant results—ones that strengthen and stretch the entire body while getting the blood pumping.

    Eight Simple Morning Exercise Routine for Beginners

    Here are eight simple morning exercises that will help you feel great the whole day long:

    1. Hollow Body Hold

    Lie down with your face up, your arms by sides, and legs extended straight. Engage abs. Lift your shoulder blades and straightened legs off the floor, keeping lower back pressed into the mat during the entire exercise.

    2. Single-Leg Glute Bridge

    Lie faceup with your knees bent in front and feet shoulder-width apart. Extend left leg straight out then press into the right heel to lift hips straight up off the mat. Keep knees in-line and engage glutes as you raise. Drop down slowly, creating your resistance, then repeat on another side.

    3. Reverse Oblique Crunch

    Start sitting on a mat, legs extended out in front of you, hands on a mat behind you. Lean back slightly onto fingertips for balance and lift legs two inches off the floor. Keeping core tight, shift weight onto right hip and twist at the waist to bring bent knees toward chest. Extend back out—don’t drop legs to the mat. Twist to the other side and repeat. Continue alternating.

    4. Plank With Knee Tap

    Start in high plank position, hands directly under shoulders, shoulders in-line with hips. Engage core to keep torso still, and without shifting weight, draw right knee to chest and lift the left hand to tap right knee, then pull left knee to chest and raise right hand to touch your left knee. Without losing your form, continue alternating as fast as possible.

    5. Double Leg Lift

    On a mat, lie faceup with legs extended up toward the ceiling, so body forms a 90-degree angle, arms by sides. Keeping core engaged and lower back pressed to the mat, slowly lower legs down to the mat as low as possible. Don’t let the lower back pop up off the mat. Gradually lift legs back to starting position and repeat.

    6. Squat

    Stand with feet just wider than hip width, hips stacked over knees, knees over ankles. Hinge at hips then send hips back and bend knees to lower body. Keep chest lifted and reduce to about 90 degrees. Then, lift your arms out in front of you for balance if needed. Rise and repeat.

    7. Lateral Lunge With Knee Drive

    Start with feet together, arms at your side. Exert a big step to the left with left foot, send your hips back, and bend the left knee (right leg is straight) as you bring palms together in front of the chest. Keep your chest lifted and abs engaged. Press into left foot to reverse momentum and shift your weight onto right leg as you draw left knee to chest. Retreat to lunge position and repeat.

    8. Inchworm Push-Up

    Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Join at hips to bend over and touch the floor with your hands, then walk hands out to high plank position. Retaining elbows close to sides, bend elbows and lowering chest to the ground. Push back up, then walk hands back toward feet. Repeat.

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