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  • Healthy Clean

    Are all cleaning services the same? Definitely not. Unfortunately, many people pay hundreds of dollars each month to have their homes or businesses cleaned, but what they see is not what they’re getting.

    For example, it’s not unusual for cleaning services to use the same cloth to clean your kitchen and bathroom – and your bathroom is done first. Yikes! Cross-contamination can also happen between jobs. Your apartment might not be bad, but the one before yours was.

    At Maid in Manhattan, we separate ourselves from other cleaning services by following a strict healthy clean system. We’re excited to share this process with you so that you can see just how serious we are about our cleaning! For tips on how to keep your home looking its best in between cleans, visit our Cleaning Tips page.

    Your Home is Only as Clean as Your Towels

    First, our team has a handy trick for preventing cross-contamination: we color code our cleaning towels. This system is easy to follow – and non-negotiable. Our employees know it’s one of our most important rules. Red towels are used for high-risk areas and yellow cloths are used for sinks and surfaces. Blue cloths are for lower-risk areas while green is for food and bar use.

    Additionally, we use only superior materials such as microfiber cleaning cloths. Regular cotton towels simply redistribute the dirt back into your air, but microfiber cloths trap dirt, dust, grime and bacteria. Plus, all cleaning cloths and mop covers are cleaned and sanitized in between jobs. We wouldn’t want our neighbor’s dirt and neither should you.

    With our healthy clean system, your home won’t just look clean. It will actually be clean! To learn more about our color-coded system, microfiber products and sanitization methods between jobs, visit our We’ve Got a System page.

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