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    At Maid in Manhattan, we love to clean! With so many homes and businesses counting on us, we’ve discovered tips to make the process more fun and efficient. Check out our favorite cleaning tips below and don’t forget to share yours on Pinterest and Facebook. Use #maidinmanhattan so we can follow the conversation!

    Cleaning Tip #1: Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleaner

    To much surprise (or maybe not), you don’t need a different cleaner for every surface in the home. Save money and space by making your own all-purpose cleaner. Combine four tablespoons of baking soda and one quart of warm water in a squirt bottle. It’s safe to use on kitchen counters, appliances and inside the fridge.

    Cleaning Tip #2: Use Vinegar to Clean Your Shower Head

    Shower heads can look pretty gross! Instead of spending your afternoon scrubbing your shower head, tie a small sandwich bag filled with vinegar around it. Let it sit for two hours, remove the bag and rinse off.

    Cleaning Tip #3: Add Essential Oils to Your Regimen

    Essential oils make great additions to your cleaning regimen. Eucalyptus oil removes the gummy residue left from stickers. Tea tree is an antiseptic and can be used to purify the air. Lemon or citrus oils kill pungent odors coming from the garbage disposal.

    Cleaning Tip #4: Store Sheets in Your Pillowcase

    It’s no fun when you can’t find the missing pieces to your bedding set. To keep everything neatly together, store your flat and fitted sheets in the corresponding pillowcase.

    Cleaning Tip #5: Remove Wood Stains with Toothpaste

    Have a little Picasso on your hands? Use toothpaste to erase leftover marker residue on your wood surfaces. Toothpaste can be used in other areas of the home, too. This tube of stickiness shines silver, removes tea and coffee stains, erases watermarks from wood and makes your faucets sparkle.

    Cleaning Tip #6: Freshen Up Stuffed Animals

    If you can’t get your kid’s stuffed animal into the wash, freshen it up with a lint roller. It’s a great way to remove dust and dirt before your child jumps into bed with it.

    Cleaning Tip #7: Remove Pet Odors with Baking Soda

    You don’t need anything fancy to remove your pet’s stinky odors. Sprinkle baking soda on the soft surfaces where your dog or cat enjoys to be. Let the baking soda sit for 15 minutes and vacuum it up. Remember to share your favorite cleaning tips on Pinterest and Facebook using #maidinmanhattan!  
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