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  • How To Keep Your Kid’s Room Spotless in 8 Simple Steps

    How To Keep Your Kid’s Room Spotless in 8 Simple Steps

    Getting your children to help with cleaning the bedroom can be an exercise in frustration. The key word here is a help.

    If you cut your kids loose and expect them to blitz their bedroom in thirty minutes flat, that’s a recipe for them to hit the PlayStation instead.

    Lead by example and help them the first few times. Show them how to approach the job in an organized, methodical manner.


    Keep Your Kid’s Room Sparkling

    Keeping your kids’ bedrooms sparkling is not just a question of the way it looks. A dust-free and clean room are also essential for their health that should be a priority for a kids room cleaning checklist.

    1) Deal With The Bed

    Although it seems counter-intuitive, throwing everything from the bed onto the floor gives you an excellent starting point.

    Cleaning the bed of all toys, books, clothes, and paper simplifies the next job. Show your kids how to make the bed quickly and easily. Once they’ve got this mastered, you can encourage them to do this every day, and they won’t have any excuses.

    2) Use The Bed To Organize All The Clothes

    The best approach to use with children is to keep things as simple as possible. Urge them to join you in grabbing all the clothes strewn across the room then dump them on the bed. Now you’ve got all clothing piled up in one area; it’s time to separate the clean from the dirty.

    3) Put All Dirty Laundry In The Hamper

    Joining forces with your children, throw all used clothing straight into the laundry hamper. Even if you like to put socks in pairs or ensure no nothing is inside out, take care of this later. Make it as easy as possible for your children to get a sense of progress going.

    4) Pack Away Clean Clothes

    Now,  you’re left with only clean clothes, which makes the task of putting them back in the closet that much simpler. Show your kids how to organize clothes according to any system you might have in place. The key here is to get things quickly back into place so that now all clothes are taken care of.

    5) Get Rid of the Trash

    With the bedroom already looking much tidier, picking up the trash and popping it in the trash can should be a breeze.  If you’re working alongside your children, turn this into a game, use a timer and reward them if they can nail this within 2 minutes.

    6) Pack Toys and Games Away

    Now you’re edging to a close, each task becomes less tiresome as the room becomes cleaner. Rather than imposing your idea of where things should belong, sit back and watch as your kids put all toys, games, and books back where they want them and make it as kids room cleaning games to make it fun.

    7) Remove What Doesn’t Belong in The Bedroom

    Time to make another quick pile now. If there’s anything that doesn’t belong to your children or which should be downstairs, pop it in a box and remove it when you’re done. And you are nearly done.

    8) Vacuum The Floors

    Praise your children for a job well done. After quickly dusting the shelves, give the floor a brisk once-over with the vacuum and you’re good to go!


    Cleaning Service

    However hard you try to keep on top of things, you might feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. Never overlook the advantages of contracting a house cleaning service.

    Time is money and, if you value your own time, you should think of outside cleaning service maids as an investment rather than an expense.

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