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  • How to Make Cleaning Your Apartment Fun

    How to Make Cleaning Your Apartment Fun
    Whether you like cleaning your apartment or not, it has to be done. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make this job a bit more fun and entertaining. You may feel silly doing some of these things at first, but if you can get your chores done and reduce cleaning-related stress, it’s a win-win! The next time you have to deep clean your NYC condo, give these tips a try.

    Turn Up the Music

    It’s amazing how the right music can put you in the mood for just about anything. Play your favorite tunes, whether it’s pop or classical. You can find a great selection of cleaning playlists on all the major streaming services. Music will elevate your mood and give you something to do as you wash windows and wipe away dust. If you’re not shy, you can even do a little dancing or twirling while you clean. This shakes up an otherwise tedious routine.

    Squeeze in a Workout

    If you’re cleaning, you’re on your feet and burning calories. If you plan your route accordingly, you can turn a Saturday morning clean session into a complete workout regimen! Consider all the muscles you work by dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, washing and going up and down the stairs. Use a pedometer to see how many steps you take when you clean and set new goals each time.

    Set a Timer

    By setting a timer, you accomplish two things: fun and efficiency. When you set the clock, you immediately start working. This prevents you from stalling when you could be dusting or washing the dishes. You also have more fun cleaning because you’re trying to beat the clock. It’s like having a competition between you and the alarm. For even more fun, set a goal for when you hope to be done and try to beat it. You might be amazed that a couple of hours of cleaning is all you need for a beautiful city apartment!

    Play a Game

    There are tons of games you can play to encourage cleaning your apartment. Many of them are geared toward kids, but hey, who says that you have to be 7 to play them? For example, if you live with a roommate or partner, you can make a chart and assign different point values to each cleaning task (the dirtier the job, the more the points). Whoever wins gets to pick dinner out on Saturday night.

    If you try our tips and still aren’t digging the cleaning routine, give Maid in Manhattan a call. We’ll take over your cleaning so that you can go out on the town and have some real fun!