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  • Moving in NYC? Here’s the Ultimate Move Out Cleaning Checklist

    Moving in NYC? Here’s the Ultimate Move Out Cleaning Checklist
    Are you in the process of moving? There’s a reason why this stage in life is one of the most stressful! Aside from all the trouble of finding a new place to live, packing up your belongings and hiring a moving company, you must also clean up your current abode. If you’re renting, you want your full security deposit back. If you’re selling, you want to show your condo’s true potential. Either way, cleaning is essential. Maid in Manhattan offers both move in and move out cleaning services for NYC residents. We’d love to help out so that you can focus your attention on the actual move. Of course, if you’re looking to do the cleaning on your own, we’re still happy to help! Check out our ultimate move out cleaning checklist below. Go through it to make sure you haven’t missed anything important.

    General Cleaning 

    • Touch up walls. Remove hooks, screws and nails where pictures were hanging. Use a Magic Eraser to clean scuff marks, smudges or stains. Touch up and conceal scratches, dents and other visible marks.
    • Wash glass and windows. Use glass cleaner to wipe down the windows, mirrors and any other glass in the home.
    • Clean carpet. Vacuum the carpet and remove visible stains with a store bought carpet cleaner. For stubborn stains, hire a professional cleaning service like Maid in Manhattan.
    • Clean other floors. Sweep, vacuum or steam mop tile, hardwood or vinyl.
    • Remove dust. Walk around the property and wipe down areas prone to dust. This includes baseboards, door frames, vents, blinds and the interior angles of walls.
    • Clean light fixtures. Dust or wipe down interior light fixtures. Replace bulbs that are dim or burnt out.
    • Empty cabinets and drawers. Wipe down the insides to remove dust and debris. Clean and sanitize kitchen counters.
    • Scrub and sanitize the sink and faucets. Drop a deodorizer into the garbage disposal.
    • Clean all appliances. This includes the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave. Pull appliances out from the wall to clean behind.
    • Clean tub and shower. Scrub the grout with a tile cleaner. Remove mold and soap scum.
    • Shine fixtures. This includes all faucets, handles, showerheads and chrome surfaces. Wipe down towel racks, light fixtures and other built-in accessories.
    • Remove all items from cabinets and drawers. Wipe them out and clean counters and mirrors.
    • Sanitize the toilet bowl, tank and seat.
    Bedrooms and Living Rooms
    • Clean window sills, frames, blinds, tracks and casings.
    • Clean sliding glass doors and screens.
    • Dust blinds or wash curtains.
    • Clean the fireplace.
    • Replace the furnace filter.
    Remember, you don’t have to do everything on your own! Maid in Manhattan will get your NYC apartment clean and tidy in no time! We can even do minor repairs! Call us today for more detailed pricing.