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  • NYC Apartment Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

    NYC Apartment Cleaning Tips for the Holidays
    You don’t want anyone to think that you live in a dirty apartment! But, as anyone with a home knows, things get messy fast. If you have family or friends coming to stay for the holidays, you might be feeling anxious about how to get the home clean and organized before they arrive. At Maid in Manhattan, we know how to get NYC apartments looking their best in no time! Here are some of our favorite tips that will help with your holiday to-do list.
    • Tidy Up the Clutter
    It’s difficult to clean around clutter, so start by walking around your rooms in a clockwise motion and picking up everything that doesn’t belong there. (Not sure what constitutes clutter? Check out the six most common types of clutter.) Place these items into a laundry basket and deal with them later. Now, you have a clutter-free space to work in.
    • Prioritize Your Rooms
    Span your cleaning over several days, if you can. Choose the most time-consuming but important rooms first, which are usually the kitchen, bathroom and family room. Here are some key areas to address:
    • 1. In the Kitchen
    Wipe down all appliances Clean and organize refrigerator Clean and shine sink and faucet Wipe down kitchen cabinets Pull holiday serving dishes and plates to the front of your cabinets Have fresh coffee and creamer on hand
    • 2. In the Bathroom
    Clean shower, tub, sinks and mirror Wipe down cabinets and drawers Fill a basket with amenities for your guests (toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton balls) Stock shower with shampoo, conditioner and soap Stock bath towels and washcloths
    • 3. Family Room
    Fluff couch cushions and pillows Dust off end tables, lamps and picture frames Wash blankets and set in a wicker basket Clean off TV remote and electronics
    • 4. Guest Bedrooms
    Freshen up sheets and blankets Dust dresser and nightstands Clean out closet and drawers Add fresh flowers and holiday decor
    • Stay Focused on the Key Areas
    Invest your time in the right places. Your guests aren’t going to look inside your closet or underneath your bed, so you don’t need to organize these areas right now. Focus on the main areas of your apartment. And, remember that clean can be seen! Use a lemon/water spray to deodorize rooms or a lavender, chamomile and baking soda mixture to freshen up carpets. After the holidays, you will have more cleaning to do. Save yourself time and frustration on the first round of cleaning by calling Maid in Manhattan. We offer one-time services that are perfect for getting apartments looking their best – just in time for the holidays!