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  • Pieces of Advice that Every Moms-to-Be Should Definitely Hear

    Pieces of Advice that Every Moms-to-Be Should Definitely Hear

    Are you expecting your first-born baby?




    We know being a first-time mom is a mix of various emotions–it can be overwhelming, exciting and nerve-racking. It’s a new phase in your life that you shouldn’t take on alone. You may haven’t yet realized it, but you will need all the guidance you can get on this journey.


    Relax, new moms! We got you covered!


    Here are some best advice for new parents.


    “Everything’s gonna be okay.”

    As cliche as it may sound, you should keep in mind that the first couple of weeks are going to be a bit bumpy. Those days will be home to the majority of the adjustments that will happen. Know that it’s okay to be tired, it’s okay to cry, and it’s very much okay to make mistakes. No one perfects any task instantly. Be assured that you will learn everything you need to know along the way.


    “Live up to every moment.”

    Even if you plan to get pregnant again sometime in the future, each experience is different from one another. You should treasure all the sweet, cute, and funny moments. Time flies so fast that you should be there when the baby first laughs, crawls, walks, and talks. Don’t forget to remember also the challenges you face. It will help you a lot with the next ones.


    “Let go of perfection.”

    There is no manual for raising the perfect child in the world. Nothing like that ever existed. Keep in mind that no matter what, you will always be a fantastic mother–and doing it right is not the point. There is no ‘right’ way, and you will never do everything right, even if you have the purest intentions. Just follow your instincts, do everything out of love, and it will eventually get easier.


    “You can always ask for help.”

    You and your partner are a team. You both know what’s best for your children and remind yourselves that you are doing a great job. If on the other hand that your partner is not available, then you can always seek help from people that are close to you. It may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s not always easy to admit that you need help. You need not do everything by yourself. You can ask support for errands, hire trusted professionals for cleaning the house, and your other family members to do the rest. Embrace as much help as you get and be thankful for it.


    “Ignore unsolicited advice.”

    Remember that no one knows your baby as much as you do. Not all pieces of advice for mommy can fit to your child even if it fit theirs. Thank them for what they told you, but forget it if you didn’t ask for them. Let your instincts be your ultimate guide in whatever you do.


    “Have fun.”

    Last but not the least, have fun. Enjoy every moment with your child, no matter how tough a situation might get, having a good laugh or bond with the baby can take all the stress away. Yes, motherhood is not an easy task, but at the end of the day, it will always be the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to you.

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