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    No mops? No problem. Maid in Manhattan brings in all of the cleaning equipment and supplies necessary to get your home and business squeaky clean. We also understand that plans can change. As long as you give 24 hours notice, you can skip, reschedule or add a service with no additional fees. It’s that simple.

    Choose From Weekly, Every Other Week, or Monthly Cleaning Service

    You decide when and how often you want us to clean your home or office. We work around your schedule. No more stopping everything to wait to have your place cleaned. In fact, you wouldn’t even know we’ve been there—expect for how noticeably clean your place is!

    Weekly Cleaning Service

    Weekly cleaning is best if you want a constantly clean home or office. Your space stays clean and you don’t have to lift a finger.

    Every Other Week Cleaning Service

    Every other week cleaning is our most popular schedule. Your place never gets too dirty and you save some money by not having it always perfectly clean.

    Monthly Cleaning Service

    Monthly cleaning is designed for people who want cleaning service at a low monthly cost. We don’t recommend monthly cleaning because you will probably need to do quite a bit of cleaning yourself between visits from us.

    One-Time Cleaning

    Many clients like to try us out before getting on a recurring schedule. Once they try us, most people stay with us for years. A “one time” cleaning is identical to a “first time” cleaning on a recurring schedule. These cleanings take longer than a recurring cleaning and may be scheduled on Saturdays, so you may be present if you’d like. We are happy to accommodate an occasional cleaning but note that if more than 30 days go by, we charge for another “first time” cleaning.

    To schedule a convenient recurring cleaning, call 646.568.6700.

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