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    Get Your Apartment in Tip-top Shape with Maid in Manhattan Don’t you just love to live in a space where you can relax? Going home to a nice and clean apartment can definitely ease up the stress you get from work. Not to mention surprise visits from your family or friends. You wouldn’t want them to think you live in clutter, don’t you? Maintaining the cleanliness of your apartment is one thing, but scheduling your own general cleaning can be a little difficult. However, don’t panic, Maid in Manhattan is here to give you the best Apartment Cleaning Riverside Blvd Manhattan 10069 Service. Book your apartment cleaning and take advantage of our services! All for an affordable price.

    Here are our services:

    Other Living Area Cleaning Services

    Aside from kitchen and bathroom cleaning, we can also do the cleaning your living area. And yes, including carpet cleaning. Our services also includes:
    • Vacuum carpets, hard surface floors, stairs and upholstered furniture
    • Change bedding
    • Dust windowsills, ledges and wall hangings
    • Pick up and straighten household and personal items
    • Polish furniture
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Empty trash bins
    Are you on a tight budget? No worries! We got you. We can customize our services to better suit what you want. We make sure that our maids’ performance is always at its best. Regardless of the weight of your cleaning needs. Get a quote now!

    Bathroom Cleaning Services

    When was the last time you cleaned your bathroom? No doubt, you might’ve overlooked this chore for a long time. The great thing is, you don’t have to bother doing it yourself. Our Apartment Cleaning Riverside Blvd Manhattan 10069 includes bathroom cleaning services. These include:

    • Disinfect all bathroom fixtures
    • Scrub tub walls and shower area
    • Wash bathroom floors
    • Clean all glass and mirrors

    Kitchen Cleaning Services

    The easiest place to get messy but hard to clean. Stains from your countertop and cooking surfaces can be hard to get rid of. If you’d rather use your microwave and just reheat food, you’re not safe from mess either. But with our kitchen cleaning we can:

    • Load dishwasher and clean kitchen sink.
    • Clean cabinet doors and drawers
    • Clean microwave oven (yes, inside and out!)
    • Clean countertops, cooking surfaces, and appliance exteriors
    • Wash and mop kitchen floors
    Maid in Manhattan
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