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    The Best Home Cleaning Service in Manhattan

    Have you been looking for a reliable house cleaning service? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Get the best and most trusted home cleaning service out there! You won’t be disappointed with our services. Impress your family and your friends with how clean your house is! Check out our Cleaning services at Riverside Blvd in Manhattan:

    Kitchen Cleaning Services

    One of the places in your home that must always be clean and spotless, the kitchen. It’s quite obvious, right? This is where you cook or stock the food you eat. So having a dirty, germ-filled kitchen is a big no-no. The services included are:
    • Load dishwasher and clean kitchen sink.
    • Clean cabinet doors and drawers
    • Clean microwave oven (yes, inside and out!)
    • Clean countertops, cooking surfaces, and appliance exteriors
    • Wash and mop kitchen floors

    Bathroom Cleaning Services

    A bathroom needs an intense cleaning. But, it can be harmful for your health because of all the cleaning chemicals you have to use. That’s why we’re here to make sure you don’t get sick because of it. Our bathroom cleaning services include:
    • Disinfect all bathroom fixtures
    • Scrub tub walls and shower area
    • Wash bathroom floors
    • Clean all glass and mirrors

    Other Living Area Cleaning Services

    We know you can get a little busy at work and probably with your kids too. So, we understand that you rarely have the time to clean and get rid of those cobwebs and dust bunnies. Heck, we bet you haven’t had a decent “me” time for a while now! But Maid in Manhattan your trustworthy House Cleaning for the Riverside Blvd Manhattan area is here to help. Our other living area cleaning includes:
    • Vacuum carpets, hard surface floors, stairs and upholstered furniture
    • Change bedding
    • Dust windowsills, ledges and wall hangings
    • Pick up and straighten household and personal items
    • Polish furniture
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Empty trash bins

    Special Cleaning Services

    Special Cleaning Services Get a quote now and take advantage of our other services!
    • One-time or will-call visits
    • Spring or Fall cleanings
    • Move in/out cleaning services
    • Clean inside ovens and refrigerators
    • Clean out cupboards
    • Wipe cabinets
    Maid in Manhattan
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