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  • Why Tiny NYC Living Spaces Need a Maid Service

    Why Tiny NYC Living Spaces Need a Maid Service

    You don’t need a “home” to benefit from cleaning services. Walking into a neat and tidy space is a wonderful feeling no matter how big or small your area is! In fact, you may be more in need of some cleaning assistance than your fellow “homeowners” because of a lack of space. It doesn’t take long for mail, papers and other belongings to pile up. Having a professional cleaning service to lend a hand is a great way to manage clutter.

    If you live in a small NYC condo, you can take advantage of the cleaning services from Maid in Manhattan. Our company is built for Manhattan-based residences, so we know how important it is for our clients to return to beautiful, clean and well-maintained apartments. Below we’ve shared some of the top reasons why even the smallest city spaces need a maid service.

    You Have a Busy Schedule

    Most people who live in Manhattan don’t do it for the properties. They do it because they want to be in the center of the Big Apple. They do it because of work opportunities. They do it because of Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Broadway and others. So, if you’re living in Manhattan, you’re not sitting at home. You’re out working and exploring as you should. Let Maid in Manhattan take care of your home while you soak up everything city life has to offer.

    Everything Shows

    Living in a small space, you have less rooms to clean. But, this also means that you have less places to hide stuff. When you get home from work and throw your mail on the counters and your clothes on the floor, it instantly looks cluttered. Add a few dirty dishes and an un-made bed to the mix and now your apartment looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in months! Having a maid service ensures that things get done – and the details aren’t overlooked.

    It’s Harder than it Looks

    If a NYC maid service doesn’t clean your apartment, this means that you have to. But, cleaning and organizing city apartments is a lot harder than it looks. You have to buy all of the cleaning supplies, lug them up the stairs or elevator and find a place to store them (including ugly mops and vacuums). Then, when you do clean, you’re responsible for carrying out all the trash. City living also tends to come with awkward-shaped bathrooms and plumbing, dusty hardwood floors and lots of trim around the windows. For goodness sakes – just hire us!

    It doesn’t matter how big or small a space is. If you’re living in it, it can benefit from professional cleaning services like Maid in Manhattan. Call us today for your free quote!