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  • Top Family Friendly Public Parks and Spaces in New York City

    Top Family Friendly Public Parks and Spaces in New York City

    Parks and playgrounds are as much a part of childhood as Santa Claus and potty training. But for most families living in the city, finding the best park can be a huge relief. Whether you’re looking for the perfect picnic ground, a grassy knoll away from a swarm of people, or just a fun place to run and play, New York City has got you covered.

    The best playgrounds in Central Park for you, New Yorkers!

    Central Park

    Central Park is undeniably the most famous park in New York City. It takes up six percent of the total land area of Manhattan, equivalent to 778 acres. So, if you like a huge playground, this is your top choice.

    The place is jam-packed with a lot of activities in all seasons–during summer, you can go rollerblading or bike riding, have a picnic in Sheep Meadow, and in winter go ice skating, and sledding, or simply wander around and enjoy the falling leaves during the fall. For a bonus tip, keep in mind that the farther north you go, the lesser tourists you’ll see!

    Fort Tryon Park

    Fort Tryon Park starts at the 190th Street and holds the city’s biggest public garden with a view of the George Washington Bridge overlooking the Hudson River. When you’re roaming around the place, it’s hard to believe that you’re still in the island of Manhattan!

    It’s home to the Cloisters–a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art focusing on medieval art and composed of ancient buildings transported from Europe and rebuilt on the site. Head over to this park and appreciate art more!

    Riverside Park

    Riverside Park is just a few blocks away from the west of Central Park and stretches four miles starting from the 72nd to the 158th streets along the Hudson River. It has an ample space that allows you to bike or walk and stare at the gorgeous beauty of towering elm trees.

    It features a few gardens, playgrounds, historical monuments, and a skate park. And whatever you do, don’t miss visiting the Boat Basin for a drink with a beautiful view of the marina after a nice walk through the park!

    Washington Square Park

    The Washington Square Park is located at the very heart of the West Village and is only a few steps from the shopping galore of SoHo. It’s also in line with the NYU campus buildings, so you’ll see that it’s usually filled with college kids.

    The park is also home to the most famous arch in the city that was constructed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of George Washington’s inauguration as president of the United States. There’s also a fountain surrounded by playing children every summer.

    Tompkins Square Park

    Tompkins Square Park is known to reflect the eclectic, grungy, and hipster neighborhood surrounding it–East Village. It’s home to the original Hare Krishna tree, while you’ll see more adherents of the religion in Union Square today.

    When the sky is clear, and the sun is out, the grass area is filled with picnickers and sunbathers sipping champagne. Although it’s not a very spacious park, it still has a dog run, a lot of benches, playground, and picnic tables.

    Go ahead and bring your kids to these parks to get one of the best time of your lives! And while you all are bonding, have your home cleaned by the Maid in Manhattan reliable maids to come home to a tidied up house after a long, tiring day of fun!

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