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  • Upper West Side House Cleaning Tips for the New Year

    Upper West Side House Cleaning Tips for the New Year
    One of the things that people love about the Upper West Side of Manhattan is its residential, homey feel. It’s a commonplace to see people walking their dogs, pushing infants in strollers and enjoying a cozy brunch at Sarabeth’s or Zabar’s. As beautiful as the scene can be, it’s still the city and it’s still busy. All of the people, noise and pollution are just an open window away, and this can make your city apartment feel stuffy and dirty. With the New Year here, let’s talk about some of the ways to keep a cleaner space while living in the beautiful Upper West Side.

    Buy a HEPA Vacuum

    If you have a lot of carpet in your apartment, get a good vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Otherwise, airborne particles will get trapped in your carpet where it can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms. Vacuum frequently and thoroughly – at least once a week. Don’t forget to vacuum curtains, blinds and upholstered furniture.

    Clean and Replace Air Filters

    Your air filter should be cleaned and replaced regularly. If it’s not your job, talk to your landlord to see how often this is being done. Other steps to reduce irritants in the home include minimizing the use of candles and wood-burning fireplaces, not letting people smoke in your place and using exhaust fans when cooking.

    Buy Air Purifying Plants

    An easy way to make your house feel cleaner is by adding plants. Because city apartments tend to be in small, poorly ventilated spaces, it’s important to purify the air. Plants absorb air particulates and take in carbon dioxide. The best air purifying plants include spider plants, garden mums and aloe vera.

    Wipe Down Window Sills

    You live in a beautiful part of Manhattan, so enjoy the view! But before you do, wipe down your window sills each week. You’d be amazed by how much dirt and grime builds up. If you plan on opening the windows or sliding glass doors, grab a microfiber cloth and wipe out the inside track first. This will prevent the dirt from blowing back in.

    Clean with Dryer Sheets

    A lot of NYC apartment dwellers complain about the dirt and grime. For a quick dusting, take advantage of dryer sheets. These handy cleaning products can be used to wipe down blinds, remove dust from bathroom counters, pick up pet hair and eliminate grime from shower doors. They also make your place smell clean – especially on those hot, sticky days that will be here soon enough.

    Hire a Cleaning Service

    Are you planning to spend more time on YOU this year? Free up time with a maid service like Maid in Manhattan. Our maids use the safest cleaning products and high-end cleaning equipment like commercial vacuums and microfiber towels. Get a FREE estimate from us today. A tidy, clean NYC apartment is just a phone call away.